Creative NZ, Creative Communities Scheme

Grant template forms and reports now available!

Working with one of your peer Councils, the team at SmartyGrants bring you a suite of template forms and reports to support your administration of Creative NZ’s, Creative Communities Scheme. These will reduce the time for you to implement the program and prepare reports for submission to Creative NZ. Not only will these drive efficiencies they are also available as part of your annual subscription fee.

Why use the templates?

These templates have been designed to help you kickstart the form and report design process, allowing you to:

  • Collect applications with minimal effort
  • Assess applications within SmartyGrants including any conflict-of-interest detail
  • Populate notification letters with ease
  • Collect project completion reports from funded applicants
  • Report to Creative NZ on applicants with a few clicks

CSS Application Form template

CSS Assessment Form template

CSS Grant Tracking Tool

How to access the templates?

  1. Choose or create a program within your account where you would like the template forms copied.
  2. Reach out to requesting the Creative NZ form and report templates and let us know the number and name of the program you created.
  3. We will copy the template forms into your SmartyGrants account and share the report templates for you to upload.
  4. You’re free to use the templates as you wish, keeping in mind the information below.

Please note the following

As you are adapting and testing the form and report templates, please keep in mind the following information:

  • Within the form templates, there are instructions and placeholders that you will need to edit or remove before using the form. You should always test your forms thoroughly before publishing them.
  • The two Microsoft Word report templates need to be adapted to suit your local council's branding and language preferences
  • Currently the ‘Grant Tracker’ report template only populates the first tab. We will work towards standardising the other tabs in future and notify you of any updates.
  • If fields are altered or deleted from the form templates, it may affect the way the report templates run and/or populate. We therefore suggest you only add questions to the forms, if necessary, to ensure the reports populate as designed.
  • In order that Decisions and Funding populate correctly in the reports, the Decision tab must be used, including the creation of funding allocations for approved applications.

What next?

If, as you’re using the form and report templates, you would like to provide feedback to our team, please email your feedback to We will periodically release updated versions of the forms and reports and notify you when the new versions are available.

We’ll also be working with Creative NZ to ensure any changes they make to the forms and reporting requirements are reflected quickly and help improve the capture and reporting of information related to the Creative Communities Scheme.