SmartyGrants Maps

SmartyGrants Maps helps you unlock powerful insights about your funding patterns, instantly revealing where your grants applications are coming from, and to where your money is flowing.


A product of the Our Community Innovation Lab and available exclusively to SmartyGrants users, SmartyGrants Maps will help you visualise and make sense of your grants data and facilitate better-informed decision-making.

Use the SmartyGrants Maps dashboard to:

  • Visualise your grants in the context of a range of geographic boundaries
  • Take a bird's eye view of your grants across a wide region or zoom in on a particular point with pin-point accuracy
  • Generate insights about over/under-funded regions or areas that are over/under-represented in application stats
  • View heat maps that reveal contextual insights about your data


SmartyGrants Maps helps you visualise and export your data to create location-based insights about your funding patterns.

The SmartyGrants Maps dashboard is available via a new tab in the Reports section of SmartyGrants. Any geo-coded address associated with a grant application will automatically appear on your map.

UK Maps
SmartyGrants Maps
  • Each grant application shown as a dot on the map (green for Approved, Red for Declined, blue for Undecided)
  • Tag an address with 'Project Location' to make them appear on the Map
  • Each dot can be clicked to reveal a summary of data about the application (address; applicant name; amount requested and granted; project summary; associated applications), or you can click through to the application details
  • Filter by
    • Program
    • Round
    • Date
    • Status (Undecided, Approved, Declined)
  • Add overlay boundaries:
    • Australia: Federal Electorate, State Electorate, Local Government Area, Remoteness Area, State, Postcode, Suburb
    • New Zealand: Regional Council, Territorial Authority
  • Color each selected area by total funds allocated, total funds requested, or the approval rate
  • Show statistical information for various areas, including
    • Money granted
    • Number of applications approved vs declined
  • Click an individual area for quick summary statistics, such as the total number of grant applications and funding allocated in that area
  • Download statistics or applications relating to selected areas as a CSV file
  • Look up specific aspects of an address (e.g. an electorate) within the form editor

Geocoding of historical records

Any geocoded Applicant Primary Address or Project Address (i.e. an address for which there is a defined latitude and longitude) will automatically appear in your SmartyGrants Map.

A service to geocode historical data is also available. We will work with you to understand your geocoding requirements and accuracy thresholds.

Fees apply - see here for details.


Each SmartyGrants subscriber will get access to a free 30-day trial of SmartyGrants Maps - account administrators will be advised via email when your trial period is ready for activation. You can choose when to activate your trial. During the 30-day trial period you will have use of all the features of SmartyGrants Maps except the Location Lookup field tool.

If you love SmartyGrants Maps as much as we think you will, you can ask us to add it to your instance at any time to ensure you continue your service without interruption and get access to the Location Lookup tool. SmartyGrants Maps is only available to SmartyGrants subscribers and charges are additional to your base SmartyGrants Annual Access Fee - see here for details about SmartyGrants pricing.