Resources for Grantmakers

Social sector taxonomy (CLASSIE)

CLASSIE is a landmark initiative that enables systematic classification of social sector initiatives and entities – a social change dictionary.

The taxonomy draws from the US Foundation Center’s well-respected Philanthropy Classification System, as well as a deep well of knowledge contributed by a team of more than 50 subject matter experts across Australia and New Zealand.

CLASSIE (Classification of Social Sector Initiatives and Entities) is used to create consistency across Our Community platforms and beyond – without consistency, global insights are very difficult to extract.

Developing a common language helps us join the dots and derive insights that cut across a range of government, business and community activities.

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Gender lens

We’re creating a range of tools to help grantmakers and grant recipients uncover and remove biases, creating fairer, more effective social change.

In our first initiative we worked with the Australian Women Donors Network to create greater gender awareness in the awarding of grants. Gender-wise grantmaking occurs when grantees are encouraged to consider the social disadvantage women and girls face when designing and delivering grants-funded projects and programs, and where grantmakers themselves consider gender when setting and reviewing funding priorities. This work included research into ways in which organisations can apply a gender lens to their work.

Awareness-raising is never enough for us. We want to create tools that will turn awareness into action. Three new Gender Lens standard fields were introduced to SmartyGrants in 2016. We’re monitoring the use of these fields as part of our efforts to ensure this important work can stick and spread.

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SmartyGrants intelligence


In mid-2017, we launched SmartyGrants dashboard functionality to deliver instant insights to grantmakers and allow them to visualise their data.

Dashboard widgets encourage grantmakers to think more strategically about how they administer their programs and carefully interrogate their funding patterns.

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Mapping tools

We also built SmartyGrants Maps to help grantmakers analyse their activities and improve their practices. SmartyGrants users can see where grant funds were requested, where they were allocated, and to help identify areas that have been overlooked.

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Smarter feature design

We use data analysis as input into our feature design. For example, we use techniques such as A/B testing to better understand user behaviour and to assess what options are the most appealing/effective.