Whitepaper: Grantmaking and communications - risks and rewards

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Follow these steps to ensure your grants communications are loud and clear

Good communication is an invaluable tool for grantmakers wanting to prove the worth of their program to the community, to their political masters, and to other stakeholders.

SmartyGrants' experts have produced a FREE new tool to help manage your grantmaking communication. The 18-page white paper will guide you to workable solutions, and follows the same grantmaking lifecycle that's outlined in the SmartyGrants Grantmaking Toolkit. The white paper addresses:

  • The risks of not communicating properly
  • The rewards of good communication
  • Things you need to do now
  • Your grantmaking communications pyramid
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So what's stopping you from better comms?

We know that traditionally, grantmakers have not been the greatest communicators, and there are many factors, such as:

  • They don’t know how to do it
  • Time and budget constraints
  • They fear the extra work (nobody knows, nobody applies)
  • They are humble and don’t want to talk publicly about their work
  • They believe in the virtue of anonymous giving
  • They think it’s none of anyone else’s business (most common in the private philanthropy arena)
  • They don’t think it’s important.

But there are big advantages to good communication, such as greater public awareness and understanding of what you're doing; improved engagement and trust; better processes; an ability to adapt when things "blow up"; and, greater impact all round.

Add this guide to your grantmaking library now.