Record Keeping

Data security and operational management are what makes a well-oiled grants program. The below features will ensure your administration doesn't hold your grant program back.

  • Organisation’s administrator/s maintain full control over who accesses the system
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Assign different access levels to the system or restrict users to specific programs
  • Workflow supported through stages (which you define, to match your grantmaking process) and tasks which you can assign to specific users and monitor their progress
  • View a “dashboard” that summarises the grants and tasks currently relevant to each individual user
  • Quickly view your own tasks through "My Tasks"
  • Quickly and simply assign tasks to specific users to action
  • Keep track of completed and overdue tasks using highly flexible task lists and through your program calendar
  • Enable the contact sync API to import contact data into your external systems
  • Keep detailed file notes against an application and its related contacts (automatically and manually generated) including interactions, communications and current/former staffers
  • Records a number of specific actions—for example, grant approvals, status changes, and new grantee records—in a system audit log
  • Monitor key dates using the calendar in SmartyGrants, also available through an iCal feed
  • Access and export data through template or custom Word or Excel reports
  • Data is protected through SmartyGrants' secure backup file system
  • Take your data with you if you decide to stop using SmartyGrants