Good communication starts at the start. Our system features mean your communication with your applicants and grantees is clear and easy to do.

  • New contacts are automatically created on submission of application
  • Create any type of custom correspondence (for example letters or agreements) using Word or Excel
  • Send an email to any contact
  • Send emails in bulk for a filtered list of applications, selecting which contacts to include in To, Cc, and Bcc
  • Insert key fields into the body of the email message
  • Attach files and reports (letters) as an attachment to mailouts
  • Track the status of sent emails, including bounce-backs
  • Store/reuse previous mailouts for future correspondence
  • Ability to customise the "reply to" address
  • Create your own contact types and contact fields
  • Keep history of the grantee's grant involvements
  • Easily tag groups of contacts
  • Check for duplicates and merge contacts
  • Export contact lists as required
  • Lets you communicate with a contact according to their relationship with the grant or organisation (for example, send the payment letter to the payment contact, or email reporting reminder to report contact)