Identify Outcomes Agents

The following features will ensure your grants have a healthy flow of applications, both in quantity and quality.

  • Extensive in-system help in the form of online videos, FAQs, help articles, in-app hints etc.
  • Free site "skinning" (emulating your organisation's look and feel) for all new clients (re-skinning also available as required [extra charges may apply])
  • Enforce compliance by adding mandatory fields, word limits, number and date ranges and address validation
  • Customise overview text for your applicant website and each round
  • Add question hints or help as desired within forms
  • Use conditional logic to enable or disable sections or pages, as required
  • Add calculations to fields
  • Display how many words or characters remain on a field
  • Intuitive interface that aligns to the look-and-feel of your website
  • Ability for applicants to view the entire form before commencing an application
  • System registration follows standard best practices including checking the email address of each new registrant to make sure it doesn’t already exist in the system, and prompts the user if it is a duplicate
  • Carries over contact information and other appropriate data for an organisation or grant from one year’s application form to another
  • Applicants can save and return to their submission later
  • Applicants can easily view or print applications at any stage in the process
  • Accessibility compliant
  • Free technical support for applicants and grantmakers
  • Both applicant and grantmaker can quickly and easily reset lost credentials
  • Easily attach additional documentation or additional online forms to an application